Show off your book: programming around 23 April 2024

International Book Day is a commemoration celebrated every April 23rd worldwide, and in our city it is an important event in our plan to promote reading. On this occasion we are launching the new slogan PRESUME DE LIBRO, with which we want you to take to the streets, copy in hand, to enjoy every corner of our town around the magic of printed stories.

We have also organised the following activities:

19 April, 5pm, Coín Library: Storytelling for children with Selva Zamorano, from Pirueta Teatro (inscriptions open).

23rd April:

- Velocilector Competition: be the first to go to your bookshop and win a direct prize of €5 on your book purchase.

The bookshops Machado, Pintor Palomo, M. Lucena, La Villa, Papiro and Urbano are offering direct discounts of €5 on the purchase of books.

The procedure is simple: Go to your bookshop on the 23rd as soon as possible so that you can win one of the 10 prizes that each bookshop has for the first readers. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the discount that the bookshops are applying this week on the occasion of this important event.

Isn't this the perfect opportunity to buy new books or that book you've been looking forward to reading soon?

- 11.30 h, Library: Presentation of the new bibliographic collection.
- 12.00 h, Library: Reading activity with the specific classroom IES Ciudad de Coín.

25th April:
-10.00 h, Library: Literary collage with Andalusian poets. Adult School
-10.00 and 18.00 h, Old Town Hall: Meeting of the Municipal Reading Club.

Apart from these activities we will present a spot to promote reading on Canal Coín Television and an artistic intervention in the Library building.

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