The Betis soccer player from Coín, Juanmi, the Band of the Nazarene and the Association of Hunters, City of Coín Medals 2023

Consumo y Atención a la Ciudadanía
Patrimonio Municipal
Banda del Nazareno

The mayor of Coín Francisco Santos has highlighted the value, effort, talent and experience when it comes to granting this distinction, which is the most honorary that the City Council and, therefore, the city can grant.

The Blas Infante de Coín House of Culture once again hosted the Coin City Medal Delivery Gala this past Tuesday. During the celebration of Andalusia Day, as is traditional in the city, the institutional act took place in which the City Council of Coín has delivered the City Medals to the Sports Association of Hunters, to the Musician-Cultural Association Ntro. Father Jesús Nazareno and the top athlete from Coín Juan Miguel Jiménez, better known as Juanmi. The event was attended by the entire Municipal Corporation chaired by its mayor Francisco Santos, as well as representatives of the Civil Guard, Local Police, Civil Protection and associations, groups and brotherhoods of Coín. "It is a doubly special day for Coín for the celebration of these 43 years of autonomy for Andalusia and because we are awarding the most honorable decoration that the town of Coín can give to our most illustrious countrymen", highlighted the councilor from Coín.


An emotional Juanmi, who had to hold back tears at various times, thanked the mayor and the entire Corporation for having considered his Medal, which he welcomes "with all the pride of being from Coín." “I have always carried the name of my town in honor wherever I have gone, I feel very proud to be from Coín and it is an honor for me to receive this medal. Thank you from the heart ”, he dedicated in his intervention. In this regard, Santos referred to all of his sporting successes, noting that he was "a pig trained and raised from the bases of our municipal sports schools", which is another reason for pride. Juanmi, who has played for teams like Málaga CF, Racing or Real Betis, is currently in the latter, playing in the first division and having won the Copa del Rey last season.

On the other hand, the Coin Hunters Sports Association and the Musician-Cultural Association Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno, better known as the Coín Band of the Nazarene. Both exceed half a century of life. Regarding the first, its great contribution to the development, maintenance and conservation of our natural environment was highlighted, as well as all its fauna and flora, being very remarkable the control of native species for their survival even when there may be danger of extinction. Its president, Diego Moyano García, was in charge of receiving the medal on behalf of the more than one hundred members that make up this association. As for the band, its current president Gregorio Elena Gil, very moved, was in charge of collecting the medal on behalf of the entire group, remembering the great Pepe 'El Corneta' “who worked so hard for this band to be what it is today and thanks also to Pedro Robles for his current work so that it continues to be so," he said.


Regarding all the medals, Francisco Santos assured that he was totally convinced of their well-deserved recognition, making it clear that it is "a tribute that the people of Coín pay to their countrymen." «We are convinced that they are very deserving of such an honor for all the work, effort and history they have. The event, held at the Blas Infante House of Culture, was filled to capacity by the citizens of Coin "who have once again responded to the City Council's call for an event as important as this."

The event included the participation of Lucía Cordero from Coin and Alejandro Martín, also from Coin, on guitar both at the beginning with the song "Verde que te quiero verde", accompanied by young students from the Municipal School of Music and Dance, as well as at the end of it with the interpretation of the Andalusian Anthem. Later, the day continued outside in the Plaza de la Villa with the hoisting of the flag, a performance by the Estoraque municipal dance group, a great paella by the Peña Romeros de Miravalle, and ended with the dynamism of the musical group Kalima.