The City Council of Coín begins a process of digitalization of its historical archive

Patrimonio Municipal

Historians from the Group of Friends of the History of La Hoya de Málaga will be in charge of carrying out this process for the digitization of the historical archive with the aim of recovering a part of the history of the municipality.

The Coín City Council is going to digitize its municipal historical archive to preserve this legacy and make it more accessible to people and professionals who need to consult it. Today an agreement was signed between the City Council and the Group of Friends of the History of La Hoya de Málaga, AHHM, who will be in charge of carrying out this digitization process. "This is going to be a great step forward in the conservation, accessibility and dissemination of this great documentary material that our municipality has", highlighted the mayor of the town, Francisco Santos, who was present at the signing together with the Councilor for Culture, Dori Luque. The signing took place this week in the old Plenary Hall of the old Coín Town Hall.


The councilor of the Culture Area describes this initiative as "very exciting", due to the great intangible value of preserving the forgotten history of the municipality. "We have just signed a very interesting agreement that will result in the cultural benefit of the present and future of our town," she pointed out. This process is the beginning of a great work that will last for the next generations and that "will result in the information of our ancestors, to know our history, and offer the possibility that the next generations will know it", has insured.

These works will be carried out thanks to the agreement established between the City Council of Coín and the Group of Friends of the History of La Hoya de Málaga, thanks to which documents such as the population register can be consulted in a close and pleasant way. . For his part, Francisco Aranda, a member of the association in charge of carrying it out, explains that digitization is the first step they will carry out, transferring the documents to the computer level. A slow process that undergoes various verifications and extreme delicacy due to the age of the documents.

The digitization of the historical archive means avoiding the manipulation of documents, while contributing to a better conservation of the documentary collections of the historical archive. With this work, access and consultation by citizens is also facilitated, being able to quickly access said information in the future through a search in a database.