The City Council invests more than 1.75 million euros in the Plan for the Improvement of Rural Roads

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With this investment, the repair of more than 40km of roads has been carried out, which means a total of about 38 fixed rural roads. In addition, it announces the settlement of the Fuente road after its plenary approval in plenary this February.

The mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, has made a very positive balance of the investment for the maintenance and improvement of rural roads in the municipality. More than 1.75 million euros have been invested by the City Council for the Rural Roads Improvement Plan of the city, which has more than 350 km distributed throughout the municipal area. "During this legislature we have already fixed more than 40 km of roads or what is the same, about 38 rural roads that we have concreted or asphalted, depending on the circumstances, to support our productive sectors such as agricultural and livestock farms and all the neighbors who they reside in our fields", highlighted the councilor from Coin during a visit with the Councilor for Roads, Antonio González, to the Camino de la Fuente, a new arrangement that will be carried out in the coming days after its approval in the ordinary plenary session of this February month.

Within the Rural Infrastructure Improvement Plan of the Coín City Council is the arrangement of the Fuente path, which gives access to this rural district that bears the same name and where the Consistory will act in the coming days, carrying out a complete asphalting of the 50% of the way. “It is a new road that we arranged based on this 50% agreement between the City Council and residents of the area where we invested more than 130,000 euros. An agreement that this government team put in place and that is giving us such good results to make room for these neighborhood roads ”, explained the person in charge of the area. In addition, the importance of this arrangement is also due to its conditioning to allow the transit of firefighting vehicles. "It was a demand not only from the residents of this area, but also from the Firefighters Consortium and the Infoca Plan to improve their access work to the forest area when important firefighting interventions arise like the one we experienced in 2012," he recalled. he.

Thus, this path, together with the Paseo del Obispo path, joins the rest of the nearly 40 rural paths that have been fixed over the years by the Coín City Council. “Coín has more than 350km of roads, so it is very difficult to reach all those who are necessary as quickly as we would like, however, little by little we are reaching those who need a repair more urgently and that is how we will continue working ”, explained the mayor from Coin. And it is that Coin has up to 113 main rural roads, from which most of the improvements in the improvement plan start, which "are the longest and therefore the most expensive." In addition, the municipal term has another 186 secondary roads of public or private ownership, but for public use; 159 neighbors, and 48 lost.

In the words of Francisco Santos himself, during this legislature an investment of 1,750,000 euros has been made, which has been financed in three ways: with municipal own resources, with full or part subsidies from administrations such as the Junta de Andalucía and the Diputación de Málaga, and through the 50% agreement between the City Council and residents of the area. "In this way, we go better and further, satisfying the needs of our neighbors, since the rural road network of Coín is essential for the maintenance and growth of our agricultural farms and their export outside our borders", he has defended.

The result of this work are arrangements such as the recent Alozaina road, the Llanos road, the Saladilla road, the Cerradillo road, Valdeperales, the Albuqueria road, the Puerto Falso road, the Callejones road, the Calzadas slope, Huertas Viejas, old path of Antequera, among others. In addition to these roads, other tens of kilometers of rural roads have been reviewed with dirt and cleaning of margins within the road maintenance plan.