The City Council will invest more than 350,000 euros for improvements in educational centers this course

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Improvement, maintenance and small repair works will be carried out with a budget of around 100,000 euros; Five projects will be carried out through Participatory Budgets for a total of another 100,000 euros, and 150,000 euros will be invested in the expansion of the San Sebastián courtyard, which will begin in summer.

The City Council of Coín is going to carry out a course plus a significant investment in all the educational centers of the municipality. This 2022-23 academic year it will make a global investment of close to 350,000 euros through different works and actions in all the centers of the town. The mayor Francisco Santos has visited the Pintor Palomo y Anaya school together with the Councilor for Education, Raquel López, and the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Belén González, to find out the result of one of the interventions carried out, such as the concreting of the entire patio from college. "Whether as maintenance, improvement and conservation work at our centers, through larger-scale works or through municipal participatory budgets, we make a large investment in improving all our centers, which is the place where work is done. and the future of our boys and girls is shaped, and the place where they spend the most hours a day”, highlighted the councilor from Coin.

Through the municipal Participatory Budgets program, five projects are being developed during this academic year, each endowed with up to 20,000 euros of investment. In addition to the Pintor Palomo y Anaya school, soundproofing is being carried out in the music classroom at the Carazony school, in the open classroom at the Huertas Viejas school, and a new awning will also be carried out at the Ximénez de Guzmán school and the concreting of the ground floor of the San Sebastián school. "In total, they add up to 100,000 euros of investment through this participatory and active program that denotes the great importance that the good condition and improvement of its educational centers has for Coín, and we are working on that," he explained.


Set-up of all centers
On the other hand, in addition to this investment through this specific program, Francisco Santos recalled that, as each course, the City Council will make an investment of close to another 100,000 euros for improvements and other small works and actions in all the centers, as well as work maintenance, plumbing, electricity, painting or gardening, among others. "Every year we put this plan into operation, which intensifies during the summer and other holiday seasons so that the facilities are in perfect condition when the school returns," he added. An “essential and paramount” job for the good of all students. “They are our future, that of Coín and our society, and this is the place where they spend the most hours a day and where they are trained as people and professionals, which is why we are going to continue working and investing in this matter that we consider to be the most important for our neighbours”, he remarked.

Another of the major actions that will be carried out throughout the summer, so as not to hinder the normal development of the classes, is the work to expand the entrance to the San Sebastián school, which has already been contracted with a budget of more than 148,000 euros. "They have already been hired, but in an exercise of responsibility and not to hinder the development of the classes, we have preferred to wait and undertake this work in the summer season, when the minors are no longer in the classroom," Santos explained. And it is that this work was delayed, in addition, due to the situation of national inflation that caused this work and many others both in Coin and in all the municipalities of the country to be deserted due to the increase in costs and the lack of manpower. "In summer we will carry out this work to enlarge the entrance, which was a historical claim of this center, and we will also undertake the concreting of the current ground floor, to make them coincide at the same time and in summer", he has defended.