The Coin 2023 Budgets have been definitively approved and will enter into force on January 1

Economía y Hacienda

Mayor Francisco Santos has highlighted the effort of the Coín City Council to approve its Municipal Budgets in a timely manner "which guarantees us to start working, pay suppliers and make investments from day one".

The Coín City Council already has the final approval of its 2023 Municipal Budgets, after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga on December 29. The mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, has highlighted the "great effort" of the City Council to keep its economic accounts healthy. “We are a serious and responsible government and for yet another year, as in the last decade, Coin has its Budgets definitively approved, so from this very day, January 1, we will be able to work, invest and pay our suppliers. The Coín City Council does not stop any day of the year ”, he assured. The economic accounts amount to 27 million euros, increasing by 3.5% compared to this 2022, an increase of about 900,000 euros that is destined to increase spending on public services. Municipal taxes, rates and prices will be frozen for next year, in this way, the councilor from Coin has affirmed that the city council will assume the increase in costs due to high national inflation and thus not affect the families of the city.

“These are real, transparent budgets that continue on the path of economic stability, reducing debt and increasing the public services that we offer to all citizens. They are exciting budgets for Coín to continue advancing in 2023 and to face the bad national economic situation that we are already facing and which predict that it will be worse from next year”, highlighted the councilor from Coín. "This increase will translate into more cleaning, more attention to families in Social Services, more culture, more tourism, more activities for the elderly and young, more equality and more actions to protect the environment", among other improvements, in the words of the mayor.

Debt reduction to 10.69 million

The municipal budgets of Coín for the year 2023 amount to 27,046,445 euros. Some economic accounts that continue on the path of economic stability that the city council has presented in recent years and that continues to reduce the debt. For next year, 1.46 million euros will be paid as debt payment to the banks, so that at the end of 2023 the Consistory's debt will be 10.69 million euros of the 28 million that had been generated until 2011. "For us it has always been a maxim to clean up the public accounts of the City Council, eliminate debt, pay suppliers who are mostly companies and workers from Coín, and make sustainable investments from the financial and economic point of view that allow the progress of our city”, he remarked. In this sense, he also wanted to warn about the coming economic situation, for which these budgets are committed to increasing public services, to complete the large projects already underway and not generate large expenses that were not foreseen. That is why Francisco Santos has had an impact on the freezing of municipal public taxes, rates and prices for next year, since in this way the Coín City Council will assume "the increase in the costs of the works by more than 40% , the rise in the price of basic products, energy, fuel and materials, among others" and thus not affect it "in the family economies of our neighbors", he added. “Economists warn that 2023 will be a difficult year from an economic point of view, so we have prepared budgets for this situation by increasing public services such as Social Services or the continuation of the Strategic Plan for Trade Subsidies, as well as other subsidies and direct aid to citizens through associations, groups and clubs in the municipality”, he explained.


Action plan for sustainability and water

But these are also the economic accounts of sustainability, energy efficiency and water. The Coín City Council will continue with its action plan to fight against climate change, betting on renewable energies and on the maintenance, renovation and new installation of water infrastructures that ensure maximum care for water, avoiding losses and maximizing its use. . “The lack of rain worries us a lot, for this reason, we have been making important investments in water for years. We are one of the municipalities in the province that has invested the most, within our economic possibilities, in water infrastructures”, he assured. That is why the City Council has a global item that exceeds 1.57 million euros for these projects. In addition, this year the Consistory will incorporate a subsidy item for the city's irrigation communities of 1,500 euros, to collaborate with farmers and irrigators in their actions to guarantee the irrigation of our fields. One of the main keys to these budgets is the increase in spending on public services, which have increased by 13.74% over last year, which means 800,000 more euros. This increase will be noted in an increase in spending on more cleaning (20.39% more), parks and gardens (18%), more on water and sewage, more on the environment (65%), more on social services (17% ), in agriculture and livestock (24%), in culture (20%) and tourism (10%), in the elderly (40%), in equality (30%). Another of the important chapters of these budgets is the expenditure and investments in public roads that amount to more than 2 million euros between different works and improvements in streets, squares, neighborhoods and other infrastructure in the municipality. Finally, another of the keys to these budgets has to do with the subsidies and direct aid from the City Council, which amount to 363,000 euros and include the Social Emergency Fund, the Strategic Plan for Subsidies for Local Commerce, subsidies to associations, groups, brotherhoods and clubs in the city, scholarships for students and athletes or the aforementioned new grant to promote the progress and maintenance of water infrastructure for the city's irrigation communities.

Investment plan of 4.5 million euros

Francisco Santos also wanted to highlight the investment chapter of these 2023 budgets that amount to 4.5 million euros and that incorporate important advance projects for the city. "We have numerous projects and works already underway throughout our municipality, so, in addition to all this, such as the Parque Lineal, the Hospital de la Caridad, the Coín-Guadalhorce River Path and important actions in streets of our city such as Puerta de la Villa, Calle de la Cruz or Miravalle entrance that will begin soon, for next year we continue projecting new investments ”, he exposed. This item includes 420,000 euros for rural roads, 220,000 euros for the asphalt plan, 575,000 euros for the new swimming pool of the sports city, 335,000 euros for Bartolomé Abelenda street, 250,000 euros for the action plan in neighborhoods, 100,000 euros for investments in playgrounds, 150,000 euros for participatory budgets, 180,000 euros for energy efficiency projects, 300,000 euros for Avenida Reina Sofía or 50,000 euros for the Rodeo Skate Park, among other investments.