The mayor of Coín delegates the Tourism area to Dori Luque and Sports to Raquel López

Patrimonio Municipal

Councilor Cristóbal Ortega will continue to be part of the government team, as well as a member of the Plenary and spokesman for the PP. "The reason is due to the recent responsibilities of our colleague as fourth vice president of the Provincial Council and his appointment as general coordinator of the PP of Malaga", explained the councilor. The mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, has informed this morning of some changes in the delegations of the local government team. The councilor has delegated the powers in Tourism to Councilor Dori Luque and the powers in Sports to Raquel López. These are the powers that until now were delegated to the councilor and also spokesman for the popular group in plenary, Cristóbal Ortega. "The main reason is that our colleague has recently acquired new institutional and party responsibilities that would prevent him from carrying them out normally, since he is the fourth vice president of the Málaga Provincial Council and now also the general coordinator of the Málaga PP", Santos explained. That is why since this week, by decree of the mayor's office, these powers have been delegated by the councilor to the two comrades of the government team. Meanwhile, Ortega will continue to be part of the team and will continue to be both a member of the Plenary of the municipal Corporation and a spokesman for the PP in it. Francisco Santos wanted to highlight the role of Cristóbal Ortega at the head of the Tourism and Sports competitions during all these years, in addition to his role in the Provincial Council. "It is positive news because our partner continues to be in charge of important areas in the Provincial Council, bringing many projects and investments that are beneficial for our city and also for our region, also now being one of its vice presidents," he defended. In this sense, he has highlighted that with regard to the delegations in Coín "they are in very good hands" while he leaves "a great job" done. "Cristóbal has been Councilor for Sports of this Town Hall since 2011, doing a great job to improve the services and sports activities we offer", he stated. In addition, he has valued the great working and managerial capacity of his two colleagues. "Both Raquel and Dori are excellent public servants and they will rise to the occasion with my full support and that of my entire government team, including Cristóbal, since we will continue to count on him," he said. Cristóbal Ortega began a new legislature in Coín as a deputy for Interior Tourism and the Environment, areas to which Sports was added and, recently, the fourth vice-presidency of the Diputación de Málaga. This added to the fact that in the last congress of the PP in Malaga he was appointed provincial general coordinator, he has assumed a number of responsibilities that would prevent him from carrying them all 100%. "I am embarking on a path with great enthusiasm, this is very positive news because I leave my colleagues with competencies, but I will continue working for Coín both from the Provincial Council and from the party", he assured, while thanking the mayor for his trust and support and the rest of the team.