Children's Council

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child proclaimed in 1989 the right of minors to participate. The Children's Council of Coín - made up of about twenty boys and girls aged between 5 and 12 years old belonging to all the Educational Centers of the municipality and coordinated by two technicians from the City Council - is part of the broader framework of the proposals of the Italian pedagogue Francesco Tonucci around the so-called City of Children (Tonucci, 1997, p. 2003). The central idea is to ensure that our city is better prepared to meet the needs and interests of children, because according to Tonucci, a better city for children will very likely also be a better city for everyone and, especially, for those sectors of the citizenship that until now have been seen more disadvantaged.


Se reúne con periodicidad mensual en horario escolar. Cada final de curso trasladan sus propuestas al equipo de gobierno municipal, que se compromete a estudiarlas y llevarlas a cabo en la medida de sus posibilidades.