Servicio de Ayuda a Domicilio / Teleasistencia



Home Help Service / Telecare

It is aimed at providing the necessary attention to the elderly, family members and the disabled in order to enable them to remain in their usual way of life, avoiding situations of uprooting.

Provides, through specialized personnel, a series of preventive, training, assistance and rehabilitation services to people who have difficulties in carrying out their personal and domestic activities, in order to facilitate their autonomy in their usual environment, maintain the family structure, or care for both circumstances.

It is accessed prior Report of need from the reference professional.



It is a system of personalized attention, immediate response to emergency situations or insecurity, loneliness and isolation, based on new communication technologies, which allows its users to maintain verbal contact through the telephone line by simply pressing a button. button.


-Be registered and reside in the municipality of Coín.

-Over 65 years of age or disabled in a situation of psychosocial or physical risk.

-Possess sufficient psychophysical conditions for the appropriate use of the service.

-Have a telephone line.

-Living alone.

-Do not exceed 1.5 of the annual IPREM.