WHAT IS IT? It is a Youth Care Service, created from the need for a more direct contact with youth, to be able to inform them from their own doubts and concerns.

WHAT IS THE OBJETIVE? Detect the risk before it appears, inform the youth from a position of equals. Mainly educate and inform about the real consequences of their behaviors.

HOW WILL WE WORK? It will continue the line of work that has been carried out up to now, and in cooperation with educational centers, carrying out both preventive workshops and educational talks.


Coexistence Classroom

This classroom was born from a need expressed by the educational centers themselves, and after a meeting with the different heads of the centers, the following design was derived:

2 TYPES: Internal and external classroom.
OBJECTIVE: more personalized attention to young people who have a lack of social skills, once again working in coordination with educational centers.


We will work in different ways, firstly from the internal classroom, through a weekly session with each of the groups (adjustable to the needs of each center). And in the external classroom they will work in a more intense way treating not only social skills but also academic content and orientation.


Resources to learn English

Do you want to learn English but don't know what resources or methods you can use?

Download our PDF with all the information.


Diversity Days

These conferences began to be held in the middle of 2011 and have been taking place in spring. It is intended that they always have professionals from the socio-health field, people or groups who tell their experiences on diversity and with associations in this sector.

Each year has a different theme but always in relation to functional diversity, and its objective is to raise awareness of the importance of integration and the richness of said diversity.


Educational-Preventive Conferences

The Educo-Preventive Conferences already have a long history and are a hallmark of our municipality in educational matters.

They are usually held in the autumn period and are intended for a wide audience, since after a joint opening day, workshops are held for children, young people, families, teachers and grandparents.

Although always related to education and prevention, each year the theme is also changed, trying to attract the attention of citizens with innovative initiatives and with the best professionals in the sector.

These conferences are an example of the implication that both young people, families, teachers, associations and administration have in educational and preventive matters, and, for this reason, they have managed to be a benchmark at the provincial level.


Workshops, Courses and Conferences

From the youth area, different workshops are given on various topics that may be of interest to the youth of our municipality.

The most common are those referring to the field of employment, equality, diversity and new technologies.

We encourage you to be attentive to the numerous training offers that are offered throughout the year from this area for free, and that are announced individually by the different communication media of the City Council (Canal Coín, Facebook, Twitter, APP )


Programs for Schoolchildren

1) Traffic education – RACC aimed at students in the 5th grade of primary school
2) Days of coexistence with the security and emergency forces aimed at students in 6th grade.


Programs for Schools Completed

  • Traffic education – RACC aimed at students of 5th grade of primary school
  • Workshops on prevention of bullying and cyberbullying aimed at students of 1st E.S.O.
  • Program Do you choose? Oriented to attitude and decision making and aimed at students of 1st E.S.O.
  • Healthy nutrition program "Come Corazón" in Pintor Palomo for 2nd grade students
  • "Aula Cometa" program aimed at the integration and education in values of the little ones
  • Adaptation of the INTEMO program carried out by practicums of the Master of Emotional Intelligence aimed at students of infant and secondary education
  • Days of coexistence with the security and emergency forces, aimed at 6th grade schoolchildren, normally taking place in the month of May
  • "Resource in courses" program for primary, secondary and high school students
  • Youth employability courses called "Juan Palomo" aimed at students of the PCPI
  • Support program for young people oriented to emotional education aimed at PCPI students
  • Personal skills course aimed at students of the Workshop School