Objective: Improve the attention, information and training of the immigrant population of the municipality of Coín, to optimize the socio-labour and cultural integration of said population in the social context of the municipality, improving the provision of services for this group.

The aims pursued will be focused from three areas or perspectives: care, information and training.

Attention: direct attention to the entire group of immigrants, collection and processing of applications for family reunification and social roots.

Information: information and advice, as vital elements in any activity, require specific and specialized action when we talk about immigrants of different nationalities. The information covers various aspects such as housing, associations, education, resources available to the community and benefits, etc.

Training: aimed at the acquisition of basic social skills to improve their social and labor integration.

Family Reunification Applications

  • N.I.E and original or certified passport of the interested party.
  • Original or certified passport of the people to be regrouped.
  • Employment contract and last 3 payslips.
  • Rental agreement or property deeds.
  • Marriage certificate and/or birth certificates of the people to be regrouped, for mothers or fathers, birth certificates.
  • That no other reunifications have been made at the same address for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Be at least 3 months registered in Coín.
  • Family registration flyer indicating the date of registration in the municipality.