Community Social Services

servicios sociales comunitarios

The Community Social Services constitute the basic structure of the public system of social services in Andalusia. It is the Fundamental nucleus of provision of Social Services that, aimed at all citizens and organized under public responsibility, have as their objective the achievement of an integrating policy of all social resources in order to create better living conditions for full development. of individuals, groups and communities through integrated and polyvalent attention to the population residing in the area that constitutes the scope of action.


Services and benefits:


Information, Assessment, Guidance and Advice

It constitutes the gateway to the public network of social services. In this service, the first assistance and benefits to the population are carried out, as well as management contacts with other social resources (application and reviews of non-contributory pensions, minimum income for social integration, functional adaptation of housing, large family , card 65 and over, financial aid for minors and multiple births, individual public aid, degree of disability, work days for the benefit of the community, social emergency aid... etc.)


Home Help Service / Telecare


Coexistence and Social Reintegration

The actions of this Service are aimed at enabling personal and social conditions for coexistence, participation and integration of individuals in social life, with special attention to actions of a preventive nature.

Social Cooperation

It consists of encouraging and supporting demonstrations of solidarity in the community, encouraging and promoting associationism and strengthening existing associations.

Complementary Benefits

Other benefits of an economic nature are carried out, complementary to technical or service benefits. They are considered of an urgent or circumstantial nature.