What is the natural resources tax?

Since January 2021, the Coín City Council began to provide two new public services for greater sustainable development and environmental protection: wastewater treatment and composting of urban solid waste (garbage).

For several years the Coín City Council has been working to purify the municipality's wastewater. A service that must be provided by law under million-dollar sanctions in Europe if it is not complied with. For this reason, in December 2020 the Bajo Guadalhorce Water Treatment Plant came into operation, which serves the municipalities of Álora, Pizarra and Coín. Since then, the Malaga Provincial Council, through the Water Consortium, has been in charge of the operation and maintenance of this large hydraulic installation. Therefore, each year, the supra-municipal entity charges the three town councils the fee for its operation, which in the case of Coín amounts to nearly 900,000 euros.

Neighbors are informed that, after detecting by the City Council certain errors in the application of the natural resources tax, the Collection Board has reviewed and is correcting letters issued erroneously.

It is acting OFFICIALLY, so the citizen does NOT have to report it.